What we offer

Advanced engineering company with over 18 years of experience offering cooperation in the field of metalworking.

Our machining park offers:

  • three CNC horizontal boring machines with Heidenhain control system, x=3500mm, y=2500mm, z=2000mm and the product weight 3500kg
  • two 5-axis DMG machining centers, 1xDMU and 1x DMU70mB (for details see our inventory)
  • three vertical machining centers (for details see our inventory)
  • classic horizontal boring machines HV 100, milling centers FNGJ
  • CNC and classic turning machine DMG Ecoline CTX510
  • two welding stations with the advanced equipment and two semi automatic sawmills

34 staff members can arrange high precision machining, flexibility, timely delivery even for the most demanding customers. 5-axis production of the challenging shapes based on .STEP program is the matter of course for our technician. We are also able to provide material, welding, annealing, machining, varnishing and all available chemical surface treatment.

What we look for

  • Companies that need to produce but does not own a machine park or companies that lacks of production capacities
  • New potential partners for short and long term cooperation