Quality Control, Tools and Measuring Instruments

Our company is equipped with

  • 3D measurement tool Hexagon Global (x=1800mm)
  • Accurate granite plate, dimension 3000x2000x400mm, precision "00"
  • Measuring equipment TALIVEL 6 for measuring and comparing absolute levels
  • Unimaster equipment worth € 16,000 for measuring hole pitch with an accuracy of 0.01 mm up to 3000 mm length
  • 2D tester DIGIMAR CX
  • Conventional measuring scales, calibers, micrometers, Heidenhain probes for vertical and horizontal CNC
  • We collaborate with our cooperators in case of more challenging pieces and where 3D protocol is needed


  • Well equipped 3D measurement department
  • UniMaster to measure a hole pitch up to 3000 mm
  • Digital slide rules
  • Cylindrical and threaded gauges
  • CNC measuring probes - Heidenhein


  • 2D tester DIGIMAR CX 1
  • possibility of printing a protocol

Measuring tools

Machining with a modern equipment

  • modern progressive tools
  • monolithic milling tools 
  • milling tools with VBD